A New Kind of Flying

Once more for the record, I’m an adrenaline addict. No talking my way around that, either – it’s a fact. I jumped out of planes for years, my most brutal injuries have been willingly self-inflicted, and the feeling of calm and peace after huge adrenaline surges is one of my most favoritest feelings in the world. Ever. I love flying through the air more than standing on the ground.  Despite the risks.

I’ve just gotten tired of all the forced hospital visits and life upheavals. After years and years of taking my personal safety quite lightly, I really needed to find a pastime that had less of a chance of killing me than I’ve done before now.  I was running out of ideas until my good friend Alan visited about 5 months ago and said those 5 deadly words.

“Want to fly my drone?”

I had no idea what I was in for when I said “hell yes”.  Not even a clue.