Fediverse, ahoy!

TFW you realize you have two Mastodon accounts active

I’d installed a Fediverse WordPress plugin a while back but it wasn’t publishing at the time, but apparently an auto-update fixed whatever wasn’t working – here’s a hello world to anyone paying attention on Mastodon/Fediverse/etc! It’s very likely I may redirect my other account here as I’d far prefer to manage my own server instance, as other servers can be fickle… and well, obvs Twitter is a raging dumpster fire these days after micro-penis trust fund baby @elonmusk took over.
So, if you’d like to follow this blog just look for @Scott in your usual Mastodon client, and you can also follow my existing Mastodon account at sfegette@mstdn.social. I’ll probably use it a lot more now.