5 Business Skills You Need – Beyond the Degree

5 business skills beyond the degree

Is a traditional college degree enough to compete in today’s workforce? A recent Today.com article suggests that potential employers aren’t just looking for targeted skills. They want a broad set of skills that reach beyond your job-specific role into business, analytical, and interpersonal areas. Being an expert in your particular field of knowledge is critical—but here are 5 complementary skills that potential employers also consider valuable.

1. Communication

Clearly conveying your thoughts, smoothly resolving disagreements, and maintaining a professional tone of voice is always valuable in the workplace. They’re skills you’ll be putting on display every time you open your mouth, or set pen to paper.

2. Leadership

You may not be leading a team, but being able to motivate and inspire can help when you’re driving a project, championing a great idea, or just trying to reach common ground with your colleagues.

3. Public speaking

Increasingly, the workplace includes social interactions—and it’s not all based on social media. Being able to speak on difficult topics with ease in front of peers, experts, and the general public establishes your expertise and showcases your confidence.

4. Writing

You may be the best speaker in your field, but that doesn’t mean your writing is concise and professional. Studying good writing techniques and best practices can improve your nonverbal communication across the board.

5. Business and general economics

Understanding the economic and business landscape you’re working in helps you make stronger, more grounded decisions. It’s easy to focus your attention solely on your strengths and the projects you’re assigned, but staying mindful of the bigger picture helps assure that you’re applying your time and focus in ways that can truly make a difference for your business.