Don Broco: Next-Gen Rock

Don Broco - Technology

I don’t usually pimp my listening habits here, but this is a special case.  About a year ago, I was pointed at a Bedford, UK band named Don Broco by two industry friends, independently – and that’s usually a big flare in the sky for me that something’s building up.  And holy shit, were they on it early.  Over recent years, rock music in particular has suffered from a severe drought in originality, and I’ve found myself shifting over to listening to more hip-hop, soul, funk, and electronic music in all it’s varieties.  But this band – holy shit.  They’ve found a way to pull much of these diverse genres into one cohesive, unique, individual sound. Their music has a bit of it all- heavy detuned riffs, ethereal electronic pads, a variety of vocal styles, slamming grooves, great lyrics, just a stellar package all around. I haven’t been able to put down their earlier stuff for a while…… and they just released their most recent album at midnight last night, and I was all up on it at 12:01am.  Follow the link below for a playlist to get a taste, if you’ve also been put off by the lackluster rock genre over recent years, their recent release “Technology” is exactly the release you’ve been waiting for.  Don Broco hasn’t really broke much over here in the US, but I suspect they will soon with such strong material.

I truly dig this band because they embody nearly everything I LOVE about playing rock music as a bassist (and look for in projects):

  • A solid traditional three piece (bass, drums, guitar) + vocals lineup. No waste- every member pulls their weight and then some.
  • Two strong vocalists on staff. Rob Damiani handles the bulk of the work as Don Broco’s primary frontman, but drummer Matt Donnelly has a stratospheric upper range that makes their harmonies and trade-offs sparkle and shimmer.
  • Bassist Tom Doyle and guitarist Si Delaney are not one-trick root-fifth players in the least. Some really innovative, groovy, textural tracks from the string section here. Their tones (quite a variety, I might add) are ace, too.
  • Despite being a traditional rock lineup, they’re not afraid of samples, synths and sequences- employing a ‘fifth member’ live to fill things out.  Their production, as a result, is spot-the-fuck-on and fearless in it’s tonal variety.
  • Great grooves!  None are what I’d call standard or cookie-cutter rock.
  • They throw down hard live. Tons of energy, and tight as fuck.

Highlight tunes, from my perspective:

  • Technology – just love this cut. Are we losing our souls to social media and our smartphones?
  • Stay Ignorant – how complacent in our future can we become, as a culture?
  • Pretty – just a fantastic song in every respect about staying in a relationship with someone far too long, simply because they’re good looking.
  • Tightrope – the lyrics are badass and hit hard- a heartbreaking look at hoping for support from your lover that never comes.
  • T-Shirt Song – that wistful moment in a relationship when you both know it’s over.  I bet this one kicks it hard live, too.

I’m still getting into the rest of the album, so feel free to do the same below.  Enjoy!