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Je m'appelle Scott

Bassist, designer, writer, UAV pilot, father, empath, polymath.
Comment allez-vous, beautiful people.

I'm a session and studio bassist/vocalist who's available for remote and local (Northern California) contracts, in whatever style you fancy. I've most recently played bass and background vocals with both Iggy T and the Crazymakers (modern R&B) and Colonel Angus (rock) in the Santa Barbara area, but currently live and work out of the Sierra Foothills.

I grew up the son of a talented right-brained graphic designer and a wicked-smart left-brain geneticist, and expanded into UX design and research as I matured. I'm available for strategic consultation if you like. I currently manage the Audio, Music and UX Design training libraries at LinkedIn Learning (formerly You might remember me from my days as the product manager for Dreamweaver at Adobe, however. I've lived many lives on this rock.

I've also recently discovered I'm a pretty powerful empath, reluctantly learning how to control these new-found senses after surviving a near-death experience that shattered my life several years ago. It's been an overwhelming and confusing process, so I post a lot about that here. I also love to build and fly first-person-view (FPV) drones. Please pull up a chair at my Instagram profile (@sfegette) and grab a drink.